"Not surprisingly, their charming, artisanal boards have been garnering quite a cult following in New York and Europe." 



"The couple behind the brand have been skateboarding most of their lives and their passion and love for the sport drive their small business forward, producing fantastic cruisers modeled after 60's classics."



"Their work has gained them recognition in the already-crowded industry, but as long as there continues to be strong demand for boards made with a clear love and respect for the process, the world will have a place for a shop like DL Skateboards."


"Some of the world's most beautiful skate decks come from the back of this truck. It's a tribute to their craft, sure, but also to the ability—and willingness—to create anything, anywhere, any time. Something we could all use a little more of in our lives."



"Crafting retro, custom-made skateboards, which quickly became cult favorites, the pair built DL Skateboards from the ground up."




"A testament to the true pursuit of happiness."


"Beautifully blocky, simple boards... founders Lauren Andino and Derek Mabra walk — or more likely, skate — to the nearby wood supplier for their wood, and to the art store down the street for their paint."



"When Derek Mabra and Lauren Andino sit down to craft one of their custom, 1960s-inspired skateboards, they simply head out to their backyard."