The DL Legend

Founded in '11, DL Skateboards was born on the streets of Brooklyn and the jetty waves of Rockaway beach.  But for two not-so-city types, the stress of New York and it's infrequent surf led us to search for a new way to shred so we went back to the earth.  We found solid planks of cured oak, drew our shape from scratch, and hand made what we really think is the coolest skateboard in the world.  The DL cruiser was born.  It was fast, surfy, unique, and absolutely beautiful.  Gaining mass media attention with no help from ingenuine PR, advertising, or mass production, our skateboards reputation comes from nothing more than being a self inspired piece of art that speaks for itself and skates like a dream.  

Sworn to be the forever true and classic american made cruiser, representing a return to real people making real things and a long overdue bye-bye to overseas made junk that is designed to fall apart.  We refined our craft and pointed west to the plentiful surf, sand, and sun of California to bring our creation to the birthplace of Skateboarding. Now living and loving in the mountains by the sea of north Los Angeles, we still individually craft each board as it is ordered. Ensuring each DL Skateboard is always one of a kind and made just for you.

Yes your DL Skateboard is a piece of art, but don't be afraid to use it!  It is built to last and made to cruise for generations.  And hey, heads up - SKATEBOARDING IS DANGEROUS.  That's why it's so cool.  If you are just learning how, you can, and probably will get a little hurt.  Don't live sheltered, just go for it.  Bruises heal and go away.  But the perpetual bum-out of wishing you tried and never did will not. 

- Derek & Lauren