Not an entirely unusual conversation with DL skateboards:

q. Hey... so are these your handmade skateboards
a. Most definitely, one hundred percent handmade from solid oak slab. Then we paint it, grip it, flip it, and ship it

q. Sounds like quite a lot of work... why don't you just have a machine or some underpaid factory workers make them instead...  Because I've seen some really hip boards for like a hundred dollars or so
a. You're right, it is, and yeah, we could... But then what would we do all day... This is our art, and its fun for us. And by the by those boards aren't fast or styling at all.  And if it's ever over 300 degrees outside that things gonna melt

q. Yeah, whatever, but isn't $195 a lot for a skateboard
a. Yes, for a foreign made assembly line piece of plywood or plastic or something, $195 is a hell of a lot for a skateboard. But for a truly hand carved skateboard from a piece of a tree with one of a kind hand painted artwork giving it a ride and style that is truly like no other skateboard ever made, that you would want to like, give to your kid one day, we really think it's a good deal

q. Oh... so you guys like hate plywood skateboards and everyone that skates them... huh
a. No dude.  We both skate street and skateparks on "regular" skateboards too. Ours are just better for cruising that's all

q. What size is a DL Skateboard... Is it anything like a longboard

a.  28.5" x 7 1/8", so just smaller than a standard skate deck, so no -- nothing like a longboard.  It's more like the original incarnation of the skateboard.  All of what you need and none of what you don't.  

q. So do you guys make longboards too
a. Not really dude, Maybe for a special order but for now we're just keeping it to the classic style. We don't know how a longboard should ride so it's not our territory

q. Ohhh... so you guys like hate longboards and everyone who rides them
a. No way dude!  We just prefer our little skateboards that's all

q. Well tell me, what kind of skateboards are they
a. DL Skateboards are classic styled solid oak surfy as all hell cruisers

q. Oh! Oh! Like the frog-town and b-boys movie!
a. Yeah.. well, kind of...

q. Huh...
a. Nothin

q. Cool... So if I have an idea for a custom board, or want to personalize it, or alter one of your designs or switch wheel colors or something... Will you make it
a. For sure, just send us a message explaining how you want it.  Or for a custom board attach a sketch or some inspiration, then we'll talk it out and go from there

q. Well is it gonna cost me anything extra... I mean I'm already paying almost two hund...
a. Dude, most custom board orders are no additional charge, and really at the most we'd charge $50 more if it's a really technical piece...  But again, we probably wont charge you any more for small variants and personalization.  Just get in touch via the contact tab

q. Well what if I want a DL made out of old growth austrian spalted maple then dipped in chocolate or something wild like that...

a. Just get ahold of us and we can work something out.  There is nothing we wont make into a DL

q. Cool, well, I live in CA.  Can I just pick it up... Meet somewhere nearby...  Topanga beach parking lot or something...

a.  No problem we would prefer it that way. Just call or write us and we'll make a plan

q.  Well... I think my friend in like, Latvia or something wants one too... Will you ship international
a.  We will! You can use your own carrier or we will ship USPS it's the least expensive. Most overseas orders ship between $60 and $90. 

q.  Oh wait, what kind of parts come on a DL Skateboard
a.  Thought you'd never ask!  We use Tracker trucks.  They are still made in the USofA.  Our boards come stock with 78a 60mm med/soft cruiser wheels OR you can upgrade to the California made Autobahn Mini-Beast cruiser wheels and go scary fast...  For hardware we use Tracker abec 7 bearings, mounting bolts, and solid rubber risers.


q.   I've never skated a hand made solid oak cruiser skateboard before, is it different... Should I wear pads and be super safe, stay low to the ground and only skate to my ability if I'm just learning how to ride a board...

a.  Yes and yes!  Cars go fast so make sure you go skate where they don't drive

q. Sounds rad... But hey what if I break it... Or I don't like it... Can I return it...
a.  If you somehow break a DL from cruising around (hasn't ever happened) we will of course replace your board

q.  Cool... But...
a.  But if you are for some reason trying to 360 flip it and you stick like 1 out of 20 on a good day and the ones you do land aren't in any sort of ninja style, or you let it go flying into a curb, then yes, scenarios like this could lead to one breaking, and thats on you.  There are millions of other skateboards out there to get all flip tech with, your DL isn't that board

q.  So what if I pretend to buy one just to use it for a photo shoot and make my poor intern return it... all dinged up and dirty... a month or two later
a.  Anything is possible but so is bad karma so just call us if something like this comes up